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All About Our Invention

Daniel Faro of Separator Pro LLC in Glen Burnie, Maryland created the Separator Pro to make push fitting installation and removal jobs simpler to do. Read the information below for our answers to your most frequently asked questions. For additional inquiries, please send us an email at

Q: Will the Separator Pro work on any brand’s push fitting and valve?

A: The Separator Pro is adjustable to work with most fittings and valves. We have not yet found one that it is not compatible with. That is because the fitting side of the tool is designed to accommodate different brands and the handle is also adjustable.

Q: Why would you need to reverse the handle?

A: If there is an obstacle or obstruction in the way, you cannot just flip the tool. You may need to reverse the handle because the fitting side or pipe side needs to be on the opposite side of the handle.

Q: Why would you use the Separator Pro to install a push fitting?

A: It can be used to efficiently remove the insert to make installing the fitting easier, eliminating the need to line the insert up with the pipe. You can simply remove the insert, stick it in the pipe first, and then push the fitting on.

The Separator Pro can also be used to install slip couplings as you need to be able to slide the coupling back over the other side of the pipe.

Q: Why is this tool better than other manufacturers’ removal tools?

A: The Separator Pro is self-locking, leaving your hands free to remove the fitting or pipe. You do not have to push and pull (or fight with) the pipe or fitting.

Q: Do you have to remove the disc in the tool if you want to go from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch or even 1 inch?

A: No, you just turn the disc to your desired size. Both the pipe and fitting sides turn together. You may have to adjust the handle by tightening or loosening it according to the size or brand of the pipe or valve you are working on.

Q: Where can I purchase the Separator Pro?

A: Currently, it is only available here on our website’s Shop page.